Why choose private lessons over group lessons?

  1. You can learn at your own pace. Group classes are often paced for the class majority which may be too fast or too slow for you.
  2. You benefit by spending the entire time working on exactly what you need, not what others need.
  3. Whether or not you have a partner, your instructors will dance with you frequently. They will be able to key into your specific weakness by feeling how you move and will be better able to zero in on the what will help you improve most quickly.
  4. Private lessons are just that, private. If you’re too shy to join a class because you don’t want anyone to know that you have two left feet, after a few private lessons you’ll be able to trade in one of those left feet for a right one.
  5. Because of the personal attention, private lessons are the quickest way to advance your dance.


Appointments for private lessons are for one person or a couple.  A studio fee will be included when teaching at other locations.

$50/hour for students with punch card
$250 five lesson package


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