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The Instructors
  Stephen Shortnacy and Calvin
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Argentine Tango is a heart centered dance.  It is danced heart to heart and likewise Stephen Shortnacy teaches from the heart.  Known for the musicality, dynamics, and smoothness (which has earned him the nickname “El Suave”) that he brings to tango, Stephen strives to impart the techniques and elements that allow his students to find the coveted moments of tango bliss on a regular basis.

In 1998 Stephen began his studies of partner dancing starting with social ballroom which included east & west coast swing, Latin and smooth.  Eventually he discovered Argentine tango which quickly became his primary dance focus.  As a student who has transitioned from one dance form to tango, Stephen understands the difficulties and challenges that students of other dances may face when learning tango.  Stephen began teaching tango in 2007 where he specialized in teaching floor craft and training students to dance in small spaces.  Over time his dancing and teaching evolved to include a more dynamic dance style and embrace which allows for more variety and improvisation.  Stephen performs regularly and has had the honor to share the stage with other professionals from Dancing with the Stars, world renowned salsa champions and world renowned tango performers.

  Paola Aguillon
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Paola Aguillon is an assistant teacher with Corazon Tanguero.  She performs tango regularly with Stephen Shortnacy and organizes some of the most magnificent tango events.  As a wellness coach, she advocates and educates good sleep management, nutrition, and positive thinking.  Paola brings an abundance of cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and excellence to our events, workshops, and classes.

Find out more about Paola and her wellness practice at Paola's Website.


  Angela Avila and Roy Montejano
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Angela Avila is a guest teacher with Corazon Tanguero.  For over 15 years Angela has been a prolific leader of the San Antonio Argentine tango community where she teaches and performs regularly with her husband, Roy Montejano. They share their tango knowledge by teaching technique with an emphasis on fundamentals and form. Their philosophy is "work on the foundation, make it strong, and everything else will fall into place."

Angela and Roy believe that passion cannot grow without the opportunity to share it so they have fostered a community in which tango can grow and become a passion for others. Angela believes that each of us is called to express our creativity in our own way; for her it is through dance. She has become proficient in several forms of dance including Merengue, Salsa, Swing and Modern Dance. But, tango is her passion and her dedication for tango are apparent in her teaching and in her unique, but elegant dance style which never fails to captivate audiences. For more information about Angela see www.tangoinsanantonio.com.