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Tango Workshop with Lan

Mong Lan - Professional Tango Dancer and ArtistTango Workshop with Lan

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lan, dancer, teacher, and choreographer, based in Buenos Aires, brings to Austin over 18 years of experience.  Lan has taught and danced tango in Argentina, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the U.S.A. Her passion and desire to help students understand and embody tango is a cornerstone of her teaching.  More about Lan


2:00 - 3:30 pm - Class One: "Secrets of the Tango: Revealed ™ -- Revolutionary Workshops by LAN"

3:45 - 5:00 pm - Class Two: "Concept, Connection, and Technique: Everything you ever wanted to know about the Argentine Tango." 

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Tapestry Dance Company & Academy
Studio One
2302 Western Trails Boulevard
Austin, TX 78745

What People Are Saying!

"Because Lan is also a writer and poet, and also a great dancer, I believe that she has a great way of explaining concepts about the tango that were never explained to me in such a way that I now finally understand and am able to implement in my dancing." -Samuel W.

"I left Lan's classes full of ideas, concepts and exercises that were very useful for me in my own dancing of the tango." -Ernesto V.

"Lan's classes are fun and interesting -- I was able to better understand the Argentine tango in ways never before." -Jim S.

"That was a great class: I feel energized, and ready for more! I feel that Lan really knows the tango, and knows how to explain it and teach it well." -Ana T.

"Lan is the quintessential tango dancer who knows the dynamics of the tango, knows how the body works, and knows how to teach the connection so necessary to dance the tango well." -Sandra B.

Workshop Objectives

  • To increase understanding of the Argentine tango in a manner that is joyous and interesting
  • To bring together all the concepts necessary through beneficial exercises, figures and patterns, so that you may find more connection with yourself and your partner
  • To increase your understanding of the tango dance and dance in general, so that you may dance more gracefully, with self and partner, in combination with the music.
  • To increase the understanding of Argentine tango music, to include the waltz and milonga.
  • To bring more creativity, variation and joy to dancing the Argentine tango.

About Lan

Lan, dancer, teacher, and choreographer, has performed and taught tango in Argentina, the U.S., Italy, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. Her love affair of the tango began over 18 years ago, which continues to this day as she has been based in Buenos Aires for the last five years.

She has performed tango in many public performances in Buenos Aires, to include in such mythic milongas as Salon Canning (Parakultural), La Confiteria Ideal, etc., and in such reputable tango houses as Esquina Homero Manzi; in addition to performing and teaching tango in San Franciso, New York City, and Houston. Lan was a Finalist in Tango Salon, Buenos Aires City-Wide Tango Championship, El Metropolitano, Milongueros del Mundo, 2011; and a Finalist in Tango Salon, CITA, Campeonato Intercontinal de Tango Salon, Buenos Aires, 2010.

Lan began dancing as a child:  ballet and gymnastics, and later studied jazz, modern, contemporary, flamenco, salsa and all the ballroom dances. This grounded and extensive base in dance allows her to teach tango dance effectively with grace and knowledge of proper bodily alignment, function, aesthetic, and communication through connection. 

Futher, Lan is a writer, poet and visual artist, author of the internationally known book, Tango, Tangoing: Poems & Art (and the bilingual edition, Tango, Tangueando: Poemas & Dibujos; and Force of the Heart: Tango, Art).  A Fulbright Fellow and Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, she received her Masters of Fine Art from the Univ of Arizona.

In addition, Lan is a tango singer and musician, the first person of Asian heritage to dance and sing tango in Buenos Aires, whose knowledge of tango music and lyrics is fundamental to her teaching of tango dance.  She divides her time between Buenos Aires and the United States. http://www.monglan.com/tango