Orquesta Tipica Victor

Orquesta Típica Victor was the house band of the Victor Talking Machine Co in Argentina. The band was initially formed in 1925 with pianist Adolfo Carabelli as artistic director.  Típica Victor created more than 449 recordings until 1944 when the orquesta was disbanded. The exact number of recordings is hard to determine, because the band would often back a singer and the songs appeared under that singer’s name. Being created exclusively for recording purposes, the band never appeared in public, but they had a highly danceable style of music that we still dance to today.

Edgardo Donato Tango Playlist

Edgardo Donato is a well loved and well known Argentine tango orquesta leader.  His earlier music is perfect for dancers of all levels.  The strong rhythmic beat of his music is helpful for those first learning to dance tango .  The inclusion of musical syncopation allows more experienced dancers a high degree of playfulness.  Donato’s simultaneous use of rhythm and melody allows dancers with musicality to add contrast to the dance.  By choosing to either dance rhythmically or melodically, dancers are able to add more variety.  And for these reason, Edgardo Donato is a favorite among tango dancers.


Gustavo and Maria Are Coming to Austin

Gustavo Benzecry Sabá y María Olivera Austin Tango Workshop 2017

Gustavo y Maria

Gustavo Benzecry Sabá and María Olivera first came to my awareness from YouTube videos a friend shared with me.  Gustavo and Maria  dance with elegance and musicality, and with an embrace that is to be emulated.  From the many comments and reviews about this couple, it’s quite apparent that they are warm, generous, knowledgeable, genuine, passionate, and professional.  This has been my experience with them as well.

My first opportunity to meet them was at the 2009 Portland Tangofest. I attended their workshops and took private lessons with them.  Because they are precise and gradual in their teachings, students are able to obtain a thorough grasp of the class content.  If their workshops were wonderfully informative, their private lessons were phenomenally enlightening.  During my own private lessons with Gustavo and Maria, I was better able to learn the nuance and subtleties of the tango embrace.  With all the individual attention, my questions were answered in exquisite detail and I received an abundance of direct feedback, all of which propelled my dancing ability to the next level.

For well over a decade Gustavo and Maria have taught in tango festivals and workshops throughout the world.  Not only are they marvelous instructors and performers, they are renowned ambassadors of Argentinean culture.  For all of these reasons we are excited that they will join us in Austin on October 5-10, 2017. To learn more about this fabulous couple, please visit Gustavo and Maria’s website and visit their Facebook fan page.

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