Corazon Tanguero Water Color ArtStephen Shortnacy and Paola Aguillon are personal-growth enthusiasts who teach and perform Argentine tango in Austin, Texas.

They continually improve themselves so they can deliver experiences that help empower their students to connect, find beauty, and grow through their journey of becoming tango dancers and the greatest versions of themselves.

Tango is a subtle art of nonverbal communication that we can share with others and nurture through patience, practice, awareness, and kindness.  Each time we dance, we have a chance to tell a story. And if we desire, every day we have a chance to live a better story. How we communicate with ourselves and others helps us to write our narratives in life as well as in tango.  Our journey is determined by our goals, those with whom we choose to collaborate, and the unexpected.

Does this sound like an adventure for you?  Are you ready to write your story and take a journey into the world of tango?

Stephen Shortnacy started as a social ballroom dancer in 1997 and began dancing Argentine tango in 2004.  As a student of many dance forms, Stephen understands the difficulties and challenges that students of other dances may face when learning the subtle ways of tango.  Stephen has taught tango since 2007 and nurtures the skills his students need to find the coveted moments of tango bliss.  In addition to being a dancer, Stephen is also a professional massage therapist and wellness instructor.  He works with clients to  reduce pain, tension, and stress, enabling them to live more enjoyable lives.  Find out more about Stephen and his therapeutic practice at Shortnacy Massage & Wellness.

Paola Aguillon is the organizing and networking foundation of Corazon Tanguero.  In addition to the magnificent tango events she organizes, Paola brings an abundance of cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and excellence to Corazon Tanguero events, workshops, and classes. As a wellness coach, she empowers her clients to integrate productive and healthy habits for more vibrant and successful lives. She believes we all have the potential to reach for the greatest version of ourselves.  Find out more about Paola and her wellness practice at Paola Essential.


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